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Tax Law

IRS Audits or Examinations


If you are facing an audit by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), you have the right to attorney representation. You have the right to work with a legal professional who will provide you with answers to your questions, actively protect your rights, and provide documentation to the IRS. You may be unsure of why you are being audited in the first place or may be certain that you have done nothing wrong. Hiring an experienced Oklahoma City IRS audit lawyer is an important step to take regardless of the circumstances of your audit if you would like the greatest opportunity of closing your audit as quickly and to the best result possible. Our team is familiar with the IRS audit process and can review your unique case to determine exactly what the IRS may be after. We can then protect your interests to the fullest extent of the law.


Representation for IRS Tax Audits in Oklahoma City and Tulsa


Your first and only line of defense against an IRS audit is a tax law attorney at Th Trevillion Law Firm, PC. Our firm handles IRS tax audits for taxpayers in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and throughout all of Oklahoma City. In handling an audit for a client, we will first ensure we have the Information Document Request from the IRS. The IRS files this document to inform you of exactly what information they need to see. We will work with you to assemble the necessary documentation requested. From here, we will handle all communication with the IRS. Investigators and auditors would like nothing more than unlimited access to a taxpayer who is not represented by an attorney. We know what to do and what to say in order to ensure that your rights are not violated in the audit process.


With our skilled counsel, we can limit the consequences that an IRS audit may have on you from a financial and legal standpoint.


IRS Audit Attorney in Oklahoma City


Be proactive, not reactive, when dealing with your IRS audit. Involve a legal professional who can properly present your financial situation and protect your legal rights before, during and after your audit. Contact an Oklahoma City IRS Tax Audit Attorney at our law firm today.


  • State Audits
  • Negotiations and Settlement of Tax Liabilities
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Payment Plans, Installment Agreements
  • Tax Liens
  • Bank Levies
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Preparation of Tax Returns
  • Employment and Payroll Taxes
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Audits and Litigation And Criminal Tax Defense


Advise on a broad range of tax issues, including handling sensitive (“eggshell”) audits, counseling on tax compliance and reporting, compromising tax debts, defending reporting positions, resolving employment tax issues and obtaining
contested tax refunds.


Advise on the tax collection process and dealing with sensitive tax issues that arise in business and personal settings and in tax fraud investigations.


Represent clients during audits, handling administrative appeals in the Appeals Office of the Internal Revenue Service and the appellate level of state and local tax agencies.


Represent clients before the tax agencies, in administrative hearings and in court.


Represent clients in tax disputes in all federal and state courts.


Handle transfer pricing controversies.


Tax-Exempt Organizations


Advise on formation of non-profit corporations and charitable trusts.

Assist with tax exemption applications and private letter ruling requests to the IRS.

Advise on domestic and international grant-making issues, charitable solicitation and fundraising compliance.

Structure mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures of non-profits.

Advise on the creation of complex structures involving both for-profit and not-for- profit entities.

Represent clients in state and federal audits and appeals on compensation and excess benefit issues.

Develop planned giving programs.

Advise on corporate governance and conflict of interest issues.

Counsel on director and officer liabilities.